Digital visual effects are an incredibly powerful storytelling tool, and are becoming increasingly used in contemporary cinema. Clearly, the use of these techniques have a great effect on a narrative, and the quality of the execution of these techniques are a key factor in this. 
This being said, even the highest quality visual effects and most motivated uses can detract and distract from a narrative. This anomaly raises a few important questions: 
Does genre play a part in the efficacy of Digital Visual Effects as a storytelling tool?
Are some genres inherently more applicable for the presence of Digital Visual Effects?
And to what extent does a genre’s conventions affect an audience’s perception and reception of Digital Visual Effects? 
This project intends to investigate the role of genre in the efficacy of Digital Visual Effects, aiming to illuminate whether genre’s role is a significant one. 
Films by Charlie Parkin Starring Simon Victor and Luke Hetherington

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